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02:56pm 26/12/2004
mood: curious
Name you go by on board if one: mostly Missy, sometimes the names of my charries

Missy Cateyee
Mike Cateyee
Miette Kohl (i think thats it...!)

Other: Um, I post a lot...?

(Okay, first time in a community ^^;)
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04:23pm 26/12/2004
  Name you go by on board if one: Kay or Kay the Spunky

Draco Malfoy (with Crabbe(red) and Goyle(blue))
Ginny Weasley
Zeek MacEwan
Maya Sagnier (werewolf-Capella)
Jeremy Sagnier (werewolf-Eridanus)
Sirius Black (Snuffles)
Harry Potter
Mary Spuman (werewolf-Muliphen)
Klaus Ducros
Nymphadora Tonks

Other: Am an Assistant Adminstrator on the board. Also I am one of the origional Marauders (Kay the Spunky) along with Tonks, Moony, Wormtial, Padfoot, and some others.
04:07pm 26/12/2004
  Yay for black! Its all prettyful now! ^^ I made the background...to bad you cant read it. Oh I know! I'll make it part of the profile and stuff. Funness!  
02:54pm 26/12/2004
  This is a community where members of the Fantasy Worlds RPG board can talk about the board and talk about things going on and can talk about plots and other stuff. I know the community looks like poo now but it will be fixed soon.

For people not on the FW RPG board and would like to join here the link:


Be sure to read the rules first so you don't make a character that doesn't meet the criteria.